Did you know God delights in our desire to serve Him with our whole heart? Do you ever find yourself going about your day talking with friends, or acquaintances and noticing that you feel the Spirit speaking through you suddenly to share encouragement, or wisdom and guidance from God’s Word with them? Staying in God’s Word, so that it is on our lips and written on the tablets of our hearts is super important! It becomes our joy to serve and to gently lead and assist those who are going through something we have experienced and then come through safely in Christ’s power with healing and humble hearts. It’s natural for many to wish to be of help, especially if it is one of your gifts. We must do all we can to observe and act upon these gifts to share with God’s people, and uplift them and encourage them in times of need, in various difficult circumstances, or even just because. It’s always a good time to be a blessing, right?

 Why Are We Here?

Staying focused on why we are here on the earth – to serve God and grow the kingdom of heaven by proclaiming the Gospel – can be a struggle when we don’t see others being particularly receptive. We have to use our creative abilities to present the gospel in unique ways. Some may try to share the Gospel in one way, and others may be gifted to share through a different outlet. This is our goal and reason we strive to serve. All of these are as God intended as each of us have different gifts that He bestows upon us for carrying out His purposes. Choosing to live our lives completely for Him and carry out God’s inspired plans where we are currently planted is important.

Avoid Pride

However, there can be times in life (especially when in the workplace) when we get caught up in our own “power” or “talents” and somehow seem to think that it is ok to be prideful, or think that we have “arrived”, and forget to give God the glory for what we are accomplishing, or where we are at in life. This is NOT ok! Our goals should not change while serving Christ in our daily lives with our families, friends, our church, or in the workplace. He deserves to receive the proper recognition for what He provides on a daily basis. We have Him to thank for everything. 

It may be that you are doing your best to serve God’s purposes during the week and share His message with others no matter where you are. If so, that’s great! Keep it up! However, even if your intentions are initially good as you try to learn and grow in your knowledge of the Bible and share it with others, if at any point you forget that all you are and all you have is because of Christ, then you are failing at your ultimate goal in ministry. That goal is to proclaim the gospel and to make God’s love, and Christ’s ultimate sacrifice (for all of us) known to others. Just remember, God should always be first. No exceptions. He is always the one who should receive glory. We have to remember the message Paul shared in Corinthians 1:17, “For Christ sent me not to baptize, but to preach the gospel: not with wisdom of words, lest the cross of Christ should be made of none effect.” Keep God at the forefront of all your thinking and acknowledge His blessings before men, so that you do not boast and forget why you are where you are. God delights in His children. He sees your efforts and will see you as you give him credit, honor and glory.

A Moment of Reflection 

Are you giving God the glory in all you do? Are you sharing with others about your life, ministry, job, or even finances and remembering to give him the glory for all that you are and all that you have? An attitude of gratitude begins when we constantly point towards the One who makes everything possible …God.