Welcome to Christ Summit. We are a ministry designed to eliminate the cost of hosting live events (workshops, conferences, summits, and even online Bible Studies) while we amplify the impact by expanding your reach. An average event can cost tens of thousands of dollars and confine your influence by the geographic location. Because of the burden of the logistical expenses many churches and Christian organizations and businesses are only able to have one or maybe two events every other year. Imagine being able to host as many as you would like: a women’s ministry fellowship, a conference to equip men spiritually, a youth ministry gathering, a marriage enrichment summit, a parenting workshop, a global outreach summit, a financial stewardship course, a spiritual formation class, a week-long series on evangelism, a Biblical expository class, and the list goes on. Through Christ Summit you can host as many events as you would like and, the best part is, there is no large expense to hold you back. At Christ Summit our mission is to Proclaim the Gospel. Through you and all of the events hosted in Christ Summit we are able to accomplish this as we partner with you to increase the power of your reach for Christ.

Partnering with Christ Summit to host your events is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Fill out the application to let us know your goal and objective and the date you want to have it. After it is approved we will provide you access as well as the tools to make it a success. The platforms and the many tools available to you (marketing, e-commerce, communication, etc.) are provided by the many business partners we have built.

Need support to promote a cause? Drop us a message or an email and our outreach team will contact you. We can help promote your cause through the many events happening in Christ Summit. Even if we might not be able to help in a tangible way we would like to partner with you through prayer.